Facial Demo Preview

A new Mouthbomb band consisting of Joe Hatfield (Cosmic/King Guy), Ethan Evanchak (Cosmic/TheMD), Alex Norell.

FACIAL - Slide 



bubbledream is HERE!

Listen to the BUBBLEDREAM record now! Recorded live at Mouthouse June 2012


The Mighty Deth Demo preview

A new Mouthbomb band consisting of Rick (TMABB, Cosmic), Ethan (Cosmic), and Zach (Sparkler Bombs.)

The Mighty Deth - I'm A Disgrace



Red vs. Black - "Excuse to Exist"

Hey, we just released the new Red vs. Black demo tape "Excuse to Exist" (MB-r 010) at a fun show here at Mouth House.

We also reprinted our first two ep's once again on a single CD-r with hand painted covers. Includes the self-titled album with Willie, and Rogue's Gallery.
Pick them up now at Mouth House shows or write the label at mouthbombrecords@gmail.com for mailing options.
Thanks kids.